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Reception Reviews

"JamShack was definitely a highlight at our wedding! All of our friends and family were so impressed with the band's playlist, enthusiasm and musical talent. PJ, Jimi and Joe are reliable, kind, and respectful, but also know how to get a party started!"

 "they sent us a song list and asked us to identify what we like and what we do NOT like, and they invited us to add to the list. As a result, we had the exact musical experience for our reception that we wanted, and it felt tailored to our musical tastes"

"We first became acquainted with Jam Shack at the Iron Horse in CDA, and loved their music and song selections, and the energy they brought. We couldn't have been more excited when they were available to play at our wedding.  They were affordable, played great songs from all the eras, and they literally had everybody dancing."

 "After doing a bit of research, it was clear to us that JamShack was the right choice for our big day, and we couldn't have been happier with the result."

"The energy they brought to our reception was palpable - it was that of a live rock band with a unique sound and a powerful energy. By the end of the night, our guests were entranced..."

"From a logistics perspective, JamShack was flexible, accommodating, and easy to work with."


"JamShack was self-sufficient and respectful, and absolutely crushed it when the time came to start jamming."

"We whole-heartedly recommend JamShack if you want to elevate your night and deliver a killer rock-n-roll reception. As it turns out, the music you choose for your reception is not a small decision, but as it turns out, we absolutely nailed it. We will forever be grateful to JamShack for helping make our big day one of the best of our lives."


Testimonials by satisfied clients....

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