Meet the Crew

PJ Destiny

Guitars/Keys /Vocals


A piano player 'by ear' since age 5, PJ and Jimi's mom, April, performed as the Destiny Duo from 1980 until 1992. Since then PJ has produced a CD, played in various bands, and performed as 'PJ Destiny One Man Band'.  In JamShack since 2014, PJ plays guitars and keyboards, sometimes BOTH at once.... and sings.

He is known for his Elton John piano  tributes, versatile vocals, and quality

guitar work. 

Jimi Rockin'

Vocals/ Drums/etc.


Jimi is the multi-talented voice and backbeat of JamShack. Like his dad PJ, Jimi was a child musician, playing drums by age 5. He could sing, play harmonica, bass & guitar by his mid teens. A  one-of-a-kind talent, Jimi has been playing music professionally for twenty years. Today he is a top shelf drummer and lead singer, doing both at the same time with power and emotion!

Joe Welk



Joe has the 'versatile gene' when it comes to music. He has recorded and toured the United States with Melefluent as both a guitarist and bass player, and is now at 'home' in JamShack, along with Jimi and PJ. 

His bass grooves make you want to dance your a** off, and his smile is genuine and infectious!  It is true, and we say it often, "Without Joe, this band could not exist"!

Joe, Jimi, and PJ were all born, and proudly live, in North Idaho.